Older than the Rock

soapstone, 150 x 290mm

Sea Warrior

Wood carving, elm, 300 x 600mm

private collection

Temple Dancer 1

soapstone, 100 x 380mm

private collection

St Ninian

Wood carving, sycamore

845mm high

commission for St Ninian’s Church, Comely Bank, Edinburgh


The Hawk that 

Swoops on High

soapstone, 190 x 480mm

Sail the Boat Home

Wood carving, 375 x 300mm

Forbidden Fruit

Portsoy marble 200 x 230mm

Heart of Stone

soapstone, 100 x 140mm

private collection

Ram of Isaac

Wood carving, 650 x 650mm

Lament for the Children

Wood carving, sycamore

1068mm high

Artist’s collection

The carvings are in stone or wood. Stone – Cornish soapstone, alabaster, marble – is sourced from Nigel Owen & Sons Northamptonshire. Wood – sycamore, elm, oak, lime, cherry – comes from a variety of private estates, mainly through A&J Scott, timber merchants near Alnwick, Northumbria. All wood is from sustainably managed forests.

Prices on application. Commissions accepted.

Female Fragment

soapstone, 140 x 220mm

Little Dove

Wood carving, plum

200 x 250mm

Little Dove Calum

Kilkenny marble, 400 x 540mm

private collection, Oransay

Follower of Columba

Wood carving, sycamore

845mm high

Scalasaig Church, Colonsay

Temple Dancer 2

soapstone, 226 x 425mm

Spirit Dancer

Wood carving, hawthorn

340 x 580mm

copyright © Alasdair & Andrew McMorrine 2017